caratteristiche Organolettiche Tasting notes:

colour ruby red with purple reflections; on the nose a bouquet wild fruit, plums; crisp and direct on the palate, with very light tannin and a dry finish.

Vendemmia Harvest:


Alcool Alcohol:

12-13.50% volume

Temperatura di servizio Serving temperature:

15-16 degrees C

conservazione Ageing:

Store in a cool, dark place and enjoy within 3 to 5 years from the harvest.

note Note:

Our wines are not filtered and are made without the use of any additional chemicals. They are literally the fruit of responsible and meticulous care in the vineyard as well as the most careful vinification that fully respects our traditions. There may be some sediment in the bottle, a process of natural evolution, but this in no ways alters the quality of the wine. We see it as a mark of its natural goodness.