Dolcetto, our earliest released wine, is a wine that is considered very typical wine of Le Langhe. This young, dry red, with its intense and brilliant color, is enjoyed generally within two years of its production and is appreciated above all for its freshness and vitality.

In autumn, here at Cascina Fontana we always enjoy our Dolcetto just weeks after the harvest with the traditional meal of bagna cauda (a sauce of garlic, anchovies and extra-virgin olive oil in which to dip fresh vegetables). At this time of the year, after all the hard work throughout the vineyard year and the winemaking processes, this new wine has only just finished its fermentation: it is drawn direct from the vat into a jug, vivacious and with massive fruit, vivid and foaming, a special experience to mark an always special moment, the completion of our year’s labours.

description of DOLCETTO wine

After autumn, the wine continues to age in stainless steel vats until the following year when it is bottled at the beginning of summer.

Cascina Fontana Dolcetto d’Alba is a wine to enjoy relatively young, but it is also capable of ageing and improving for upwards of four or five years. Traditionally it is known as the wine for ‘tutti i giorni’ — an everyday beverage that is always present at the table of winegrowers in Le Langhe.

Dolcetto d’Alba can be enjoyed cool in summer months. It is the ideal accompaniment to salumi and antipasti as well as to simple pasta, meat dishes, and raw vegetables.