Barbera, more than any other wine, is ‘il vino del contadino’, humble yet profoundly tied to a majestic land that gives its birth, a wine that truly represents the lifeblood of the people of Le Langhe. More complex than Dolcetto, with greater body, structure, acidity and extract, our Barbera d’Alba is a wine that is never less than vivid and direct, full of the character and personality of the land that gives its birth.

description of Barbera wine

Barbera is probably the most Piedmontese of all wines. The grape is present in all of the region’s wine zones, from Alba, Asti and the Monferrato, to vineyards in the northern reaches of the region. Not surprisingly, a huge range of different styles of barbera is the result.

At Cascina Fontana, we are looking to produce a serious and full wine that can benefit and improve with age. After fermentation, maturation takes place both in used oak barriques as well as in cement vats, a process that helps to soften the wine and adds a touch of elegance, while tempering the acidity that is the hallmark of barbera. After bottling, the wine ages for a further minimum of 6 months prior to release.

Cascina Fontana Barbera d’Alba, produced from our barbera grapes grown within the zone of Barolo, has the capacity to age and evolve for upwards of ten years, becoming rounder, smoother and more complex with age.

Barbera is the ideal accompaniment to plates of antipasti, salumi, pasta dishes, roast meat, and aged cheeses.