News da Cascina Fontana

12/18/2023  -  Harvest Report 2023

2/13/2023  -  Harvest Report 2022

1/24/2022  -  Harvest report 2021

1/18/2021  -  Harvest Report 2020

1/16/2020  -  Harvest Report 2019

12/17/2018  -  Harvest Report 2018

1/22/2018  -  Harvest Report 2017

9/3/2017  - interviews Mario Fontana about release of new Barolo del comune di Castiglione Falletto

9/1/2017  -  Barolo del Comune di Castiglione Falletto 2013

8/29/2017  -  After a Spring that was first warm, then cold, then warm again, we have had a Summer that has been hot and dry

11/5/2016  -  Here in Le Langhe autumn has arrived! The harvest is over and now we are continuing to follow the winemaking in the cellar.

10/29/2016  -  Guida Gambero Rosso 2017 Vini D’Italia Tre Bicchieri - Barolo Cascina Fontana 2012

10/15/2016  -  Guida Slow Wine 2017 Vino Slow - Barolo Cascina Fontana 2012

9/21/2016  -  We started the harvest yesterday! We are looking forward to an excellent 2016 vintage.

4/23/2016  -  After a winter that arrived late, with snow in the months of February and March, the last two weeks that have just passed have for me been very busy, full of energy and adenaline: Spring has arrived and a new year recommences!

1/22/2016  -  It is incredible how time flies: we are already into a new year and soon it will be Spring.

10/15/2015  -  Our Cascina Fontana Barolo 2011 in Slow Wine 2016!

8/6/2015  -  Here in La Langhe it is hot, very hot! The day temperatures are touching 40°C but, in the hills, the nights are fairly cool and well ventilated.

4/4/2015  -  Last week I was in Oxford, UK to participate in the FT Oxford Literary Festival. I was there with my great friend Marc Millon

1/30/2015  -  Yesterday evening I was invited by Christian Zoppellaro of the Enoteca dell'Orologio in Latina, near Rome, to present my wines

12/1/2014  -  I has really been a tiring and difficult year. Now that harvest is over as well as the huge annual task of vinification in the cellar, we are finally able to relax a little

10/9/2014  -  We finished the harvest last Monday, and now the Barbera as well as the Nebbiolo grapes are all in the cellar

9/20/2014  -  The vendemmia has started! Last Tuesday we completed the harvest of Dolcetto grapes

9/10/2014  -  This has been a difficult year, wet and with few days of beautiful sunshine, a cool summer that has encouraged excessive vegetative growth of both the vines and grass alike

1/7/2014  -  The Christmas holidays have passed; a New Year has begun. I hope that it brings happiness and health to all

11/5/2013  -  We finished the harvest Saturday 19 October and have been carrying on with ongoing work in the cellar

10/12/2013  -  Today we completed the harvest of Barbera grapes

3/30/2013  -  It’s already the end of March and tomorrow is Easter Sunday but the weather is still cold and wet, and there are even a few flakes of snow falling! Winter has passed by quickly