Dettaglio News

Harvest report 2021

Favorable growing conditions for 2021 began in the first winter months of the year which saw some significant amounts of snowfall. Snow is vital for the growing year for its moisture percolates slowly and deeply into the sub-soil, creating a hydraulic reserve that lasts through the hotter months, vital to help maintain the vegetative balance especially in a year like 2021 which had very little rain.


Notable variations in summer temperatures (especially the contrast between day and night temperatures), good, regular ventilation with breezes softly blowing through the vineyards, and the arrival of cooler temperatures after the second half of September all helped to create favourable conditions for the maturation of the grapes, resulting in excellent quality fruit.


The 2021 vintage is fresh, perfumed and elegant. For those wines destined for ageing, there is great structure that will enable them to evolve and mature with time.