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Harvest Report 2019

Harvest Report 2019
After a winter that was disappointingly dry, we had a rainy and cold spring that restored the underground water table but which also delayed the normal vegetative development by a couple of weeks.

During June, we were helped by a rise in temperature which by the end of the month reached close to 40 degrees C. Summer then continued with average temperatures and occasional rain that was just sufficient to reach the vines and grapes, giving the right balance of growth.

Harvest started in the second half of September, with Dolcetto on the 21st, followed by Barbera on October 4th, Nebbiolo for Barolo on the 14th and finally Nebbiolo for Langhe Nebbiolo on the 18th.

The 2019 vintage has given us wines that are juicy and full of fruit, well balanced, with freshness, elegance, and good structure.