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Harvest Report 2018

Harvest 2018
As always happens every year, this is a time of reflection for me: the days pass by more slowly, the long nights allow me to rest.

I have to say that 2018 was a challenging vintage, one that was not at all easy to manage. But in the end, the results exceeded our expectations and on the whole I would say that it has been a good year.

We started with a very rainy spring and there were great swings in temperature which served to slow or reduce the formation of the fruit on some of the vines. In the summer there was very little ventilation and it was hot with some days of rain, resulting in extremely humid conditions. This encouraged a long and powerfull vegetative growth. We had to go through the vineyards regularly, doing carefully selections, waiting for the best time of harvest.

This laborious care meant that we arrived at harvest time with grapes that were healthy, fleshy, aromatic and with good levels of sugar. Now that the wines have been racked, the result is wines that are fresh, fruity and elegant. This is a well-balanced vintage resulting in wines that are not overly structured or powerful, one of those years where the wines can be enjoyed more immediately and easily.