Cascina Fontana in Monforte d'Alba, Italy produces wines dolcetto, nebbiolo, barbaresco and barolo

Welcome to Cascina Fontana!

We are a small family wine estate located in the Barolo hills of Le Langhe, south of Alba, in Piedmont, Northwest Italy. This is an area of rare majestic beauty, with vine-covered hills and castle-topped communities looking across to each other over steep, plunging valleys.

Here, in our beautiful land dedicated to the production of wine, my family have grown grapes and produced wines for at least six generations.

Today I continue to grow the traditional grapes of Le Langhe, dolcetto, barbera and nebbiolo, to produce a range of classic and prestigious wines that are the purest expression of the land from which they are born, Le Langhe.

"I learned winemaking from my grandfather Saverio and I still do many things come una volta — as in the past, as my grandfather himself would have done. I pride myself above all on making genuine wines that are natural, true expressions of nostro territorio – our land and our culture.”

The best way to discover the wines of Cascina Fontana is to visit the beautiful wine hills of Le Langhe, and to taste the wines while enjoying the wonderful local foods which they complement so perfectly.

We hope to see you soon!

Mario and Luisa

Mario Fontana


immagine della famiglia Fontana

Cascina Fontana is located in the heart of the Barolo wine zone in the small hamlet of Perno, near Monforte d’Alba and about 15 km from Alba. Here the Fontana family continue cultivating grapes and making wine as they have done for the past six generations


Il mio Barolo


My philosophy to winemaking is the same as my philosophy to life. I believe that good things come from hard work. We live closely in touch with the land and follow the rhythms of the seasons. We must be patient, try to do things well, and always look to improve. Everything needs to be kept in equilibrium, in balance.


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